Episode 347

史蒂夫说346期 - TheHonestDrink - A Few Rules For Life


July 19th, 2023

1 hr 55 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

本期节目是一期全英文内容,对话来自我和英文播客The Honest Drink的串台,视频版可以在他们的Youtube频道搜索观看。

9:19 Modern trends and cultural uniqueness in China’s mental health industry
17:20 Long time effort to reconstruct parent-child relationship by Steve
30:15 Why emotional neglect creates more neglect?
41:12 Can people avoid becoming just like their parents?
50:13 Breaking the perfect parent illusion
61:19 The process of translating Jordan Peterson’s book
70:41 Mixed feelings about Peterson’s public profile
82:55 Uncovering the real humans behind trolling IDs
91:18 The absence of psychological autonomy and the empty heart syndrome
100:07 Cultural limitations on expression of mental health issues
110:09 Steve’s policy on handling social media comments


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